What to Look for in a Beach Umbrella with Stand


When you are heading off to the beach, you want to have something that is going to protect you from the sun while you are relaxing and having a good time. You need to find a beach umbrella with stand that is going to work out well for you and that will provide you with the shelter that you are seeking. The umbrella that you pick out should be one that is made in a quality way.

The beach umbrella with stand that you pick out should be one with a fun design and one that you will be proud to put up. The umbrella that you choose should be one that is sturdy and that will hold up well even when the wind is blowing. You need to find an umbrella that you will be able to use again and again, and you have to make sure that you have found the best one before you make a purchase.

5 Fun Facts about the African Elephant

African elephants are majestic creatures.

Here are 5 fun facts about the african elephant – a fascinating animal.

1. African elephants are gigantic creatures and much more bigger than their cousins in Asia. Some people claim that the ears of an African elephant are shaped like the continent of its name.

Their ears help them in communication with others of their breed, and also aid in radiating excess heat from the scorching African sun.

2. The length of an African elephant can be compared with the height of famous basketball player Michael Jordan, as it is over 7 feet long!

The trunk is a very versatile feature as it is used in smelling, breathing, sucking up water, clutching even the tiniest of objects, detecting vibrations and also for caressing young elephants.

An African elephant’s trunk has amazing dexterity as it can be gentle and strong at the same time. It can pick up a coin and even kill a lion.

3. African elephants have much less hair than Asian ones.

4. These majestic mammals can live up to 60 years out in the wild.

5. When an African elephant drinks water, it can take up to 2 gallons of it into the trunk and blows it down the throat.